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DJM NBS lower control arms...

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Thinking about moving to the DJM lowers. I found a couple different part numbers off stylin...and I need to know which ones are compatible for a 2000 Silverado RCSB 2wd.

Simply put, I found a set of DJM lowers from a 2000 Surburban. Did they have the torsion set up back then? Seller has not sent pics yet, so I cant match it up to mine.

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So can I use the CA2001L3? It seems to be the only lower arms that are interchangeable between Silverado and Surburban. BUT it only shows for a 4wd silverado, NOT 2wd.

I have a feeling the answer is no...just want to make sure.

CA2599L2 (Standard NBS lower arms)

CA2001L3 (Interchangeable arms)
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