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Wanted - only looking for factory parts

NBS Parts -
DL3 mirrors with white mirror caps
04+ black border OEM drivers taillight
03-06 Driverside headlight OEM
03-05 smooth plastic Paintable grille
03-06 smooth bumper cap
05-06 black lower bumper valence
03-06 extended cab passenger rear door panel (light gray)

NNBS Parts -
07 white/chrome door handles (z71 tahoe)

PM me

"The Man"
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I have the smooth painted upper bumper pad for an 06. Brand new painted victory red. I don't know if it was me, or if this is common or not but I couldn't get the damn thing to snap on my bumper so I gave up. Id sell it if you were local and could come and get it.

Edit: Never mind, its an aftermarket piece if im not mistaken.
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