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Does this look normal - Front bump stops - 05 Silverado

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I was changing the oil on my 05 Silverado 2WD Crew Cab last weekend and I noticed that the black rubber bump stop is really close to what looks like the lower control arm. Is this normal, or is the lower control arm too close to the bump stop? The following pics were taken with the truck on level ground. It is like this on both front lower control arms. If they are too close, what could be the problem? Front springs, front shocks or something else?

From the records I received from the previous owner, it looks like the front and rear shocks were replaced at about 93K miles with Monroe Sensa-Trac shocks. The truck now has 120K on it.

Here are pics of the front bump stops and lower control arms:

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Stop. Do not drive the truck. Call a tow company to get your truck and take it to the nearest shop. If you drive it like that anymore the truck will burst into flames and the wheels will fall off. Tell the shop that they need to change the selector switch on the tranducer module.
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