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Yellow lab/retreiver mix. Have to sell because mom wants flower gardens in the backyard but the dog likes chewing plants up :bawl: . 9 months old, nuetered, very playful and likes attention. Also includes doghouse, and traveling kennel, and leash. Asking $75 OBO. Need to sell fast, HURRY!!

PS: Preferably driving distance customers...
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Someone please take this dog.
way2hi said:
How much for shipping? :anitoof:
:LOL: Is there a way you can ship a dog? I doubt it.
Is he registered, house broke, inside or outside dog?
Yes you can ship a dog via a plane ride, a friend of mine picks up dogs alot from the airport. They treat them like baggage and they are mental for a few days and scared of everything. But they get over it.
i got my chocolate lab from wisconsin from a plane.. his momma is the national reserve grand champion.. he shit a lot!

and you neutered him!!!!! poor guy!!!!!
Is he registered, house broke, inside or outside dog?

I believe he is registered, and he has been an outside dog for almost 3 months since we bought him. The owners before us were in the process of crate training him when we bought him, so we prob didnt help out his training any. He's a great dog, just likes to chew on plants...and my mom loves her plants... :insane: but she wont let him stay in either so I gotta get rid of him. If $75 sounds too high give me an offer. :read:

Chance...Definately not a good pic. His eyes were dripping.
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