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Doin It Myself Torsion Bar Unloading ?

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I want it done right and I dont trust anyone but me especialy after considering 4wheelparts and reading the trash they give and the work they do. I havent heard one good thing about'em. Thier mag is cool thats about it. Anyhow, every set of lift kit instructions warns about unloading the torsion bars, but they dont exactly explain how to keep from loosing my hand. I'm no stranger to a wrench or a saw or welding and if I dont know something I'll learn it-hopefully not by mistakes-so any do it yourselfers out there got any advice on unloading these things? I have a 99 IFS ext cab Sierra 4x4. The kit I like the most so far is superlift, no destruction to the differential housing and geometry stays pretty much the same. It does appear though that the way this kit goes on does lift the truck for bigger tires BUT does not by itself add ground clearance. Skyjacker is in consideration as well.
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the only good thing about 4wheel parts is i screwed them out of a K&N air intake at the off road expo in pamona because the guy working there was a dumbass and gave it to me for like $225 and its normally 300+. As far as your question about the torsion bars I cant help you out but im sure someone here will.
Ok I just typed all of it and it got deleted so this may be briefer than it would have been. :flame:

First, I would hightly recomend not getting teh superlift kit, its not very well built and a bitch to instal. Get the Procomp if you want a full 6" drop, and if you want to not change stuff much get the skyjacker.

Now about the tb unloading. You use a gear puller or special torsion bar unloading tool on the torsion bar key. Hand tighten the gear puller in a dimple in the key by the torsion bar bolt, then remove the torsion bar bolt and metal thing it goes into. Now all the tension is on the puller, slowly loosen it until the tension is off. Do this for both sides.

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its helpful to jack up the front of the truck too - to take the wieght off the Tbars.
Woops skipped that the 2nd time through. You have to have the front end off the ground or your truck will crash down on top of you. Block it properly with jack stands.
Well if your installing a lift you have to pull the a-arms and stuff anyway. When I did mine I just put the truck on jackstands, put a floor jack under the lower a-arm, popped the upper a-arm bolts out from the frame and lowered the jack. Took all of a minute to unload and pull them out this way.
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