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Door handle install help!

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I have a 97 Silverado, the drivers side door handle was cracked when I bought the truck so finally I decided to replace them. I bought the 94 handles (smooth ones) and painted them (they came out great). Taking out the handles wasnt much of a pain once I figured it all out. But putting the new ones in is a PITA!!!!! :flame:

The only way to get hte door handle in the hole is to kinda slide it in sideways and manuever it in. this isnt a problem, until I connect the door handle rod as now I cant manuver the handle in as much cuz theres a window channel post! I tried to connect the rod while the handle is already in the spot but its impossible trying to do it from the vent on the door. I need help!!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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