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There is a thread about removing these door panels to get to the door handles, but that thread is for manual doors.

This thread is for powered doors. I hope this helps out. If there are any unclear areas that I haven't touched. Please check out RedXRay's write up:

*make sure your windows are rolled up before starting this*

here is the door:

the door panel:

the window sail panel removed, just pull from the top and work your way around the sides. there are two clips and then pull up:

here is the door lock:

door lock cover removed:

screw/bolt that holds part of the door panel down. remove screw and set aside:

door handle bezel (dhb):

removing the dhb is easy, you can use a flathead screwdriver to pry the corner up to start. i just used my fingers:

the dhb coming along:

when the dhb is snapped off, you'll have to pull the door handle up to help guide the dhb off the handle:

now there is another screw under the door handle:

using a 7mm socket i removed the screw and set aside:

remove the plastic push clip from the middle of the door panel towards the inside of the door:

towards the end of the door there is a bump, it is a cover for a torx head screw. pop that off.

using a t-20 torx head screwdriving tip i removed the screw:

place the screw and guide aside:

after all this has been done, the door panel is ready to be removed. all you have to do is simply lift up on the whole door panel and it should come off towards you.

when the door panel is off you want to remove the map pocket light towards the bottom rear of the door

now you can work on the power harnesses that go to your controls on the door handle. there are several harnesses that need to come off. these are fairly easy if you know what you're doing. simply apply pressure to the clips with your hands to free the clips from the powerboard.

now you have the door panel removed

remove the rubber plug to get to the 10mm nut that holds the handle on. there are (3) 10mm nuts that hold the handle on.

i have to continue this on another thread due image restrictions.

here is the link to part 2:

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I'm working on it. I need to get a new pic for my avatar. i'm not rocking intro's anymore. I'm running billet specialties slx38's now. i love my new wheels! i'll get pics up of blacky too! it's for sale too! 2005 silverado 2wd w/15000miles. fully loaded! 22k! pics will be up soon

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Alright I did this (FINALLY) tonight. I took apart the driver door and put it all back together and the same with the other three doors.

Now my rear windows wont roll down.
I know it has something to do with the driver door power module.

Every plug is in the right hole but now the driver door switch for the rear windows and the rear door switches foor windows don't work.

Anyone have any ideas?
maybe I popped fuse or pulled on a wire too hard?

I took the door back apart and all the wires are intact?

Any help?

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