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I'm leaving for college and I need this stuff out of my parent's garage. All prices are plus shipping but include paypal fees. I offer a discount of 3% if picked up locally in Austin,TX

Single Cab Short Bed Corsa Sport Exhaust. Only the muffler is used, everything else is brand new in the box. This is a complete kit. $387

(2) 16x10 Drag Tires. They have 5" of backspacing. They didn't rub at all with my 4/7 drop but they do stick out a ways. I had them on a 26x11.5x16 tire. The tires are sold. I don't have them. $78 for the rims

Tahoe Black Textured Fender Flares. They are used but in good condition. They will be clean and looking great when sold. They're just a bit dusty from being in a storage shed. $90.

Puerto Rico World Baseball Classic 7 1/4 Hat. These are $35.99 everywhere I've checked. $25 I just bought the wrong size

I'm willing to take offers. I need it all gone by this weekend.
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