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Hi guys,

I stopped by the introduction page first to properly introduce myself. I have a 99 Suburban C1500 dropped 2/4 on 17" Torque Thrusts.

The rear is achieved by BellTech hangers + drop shackles. I have a driveline vibration that gets worse with more speed, and it's super noticeable at 70 mph. I spent a mountain of money having new bearings installed in the rear end thinking that was the problem only to find the issue remained.

The rear isn't really slammed, but it is lower than stock. Could it be an angle problem? I want to take another leaf out to bring the rear down a bit more (I did larger tires on the rear for some rake, but to me it still looks high in the rear).

I'm thinking shims. Has anybody had first-hand experience with one of these and shimming? Honestly the truck is so long I really didn't expect to need them at all.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

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