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Driver Door Rattle

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Any one had it before? Any ideas?
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pull the panel off and see if something is loose
Mine has a rattle from the driver door handle. If I hold the handle right above where it usually sits, it doesnt rattle.
Could be alot of things. They pack so much in those doors these days anything could be rattling. I agree with DE, pull it apart and have a look.
the speaker fell out inside my door.....
all my doors and my dash rattle, i have given up trying to fix them and roll either with the windows down and/or the radio up so i can't hear it.
Yeah.. my speakers came loose in my front doors.. thinking about putting some kind of weatherstip or dynamat.. there is a lot of empty space in there
I had the same problem, it was driving me nuts, Dealer could not find the rattle, But i Knew it was there ! so i pulled off the door panel and found out the int door handle rod was touching the body metal of the door and i put some foam in there and no more rattle. also as you have read the door speakers are a problem with NBS chevy's
Is your truck an extended cab? if so that could be your doors making the noise. neither my driver nor passenger doors fit right. lots of play in them. they just shake.
yep, theres some rattling in my doors and my dash i think... im about to pull all my doors off... lol, im beyond frustrated...
I had a problem with my door rattling so I pulled the door panel then closed the door and had my kids jump up and down in the back. I found out it was my window. I made sure all the window frames were tight and found a bolt was loose.. Solved the problem.. :head:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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