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Not sure what could be going on here.

On my 2001 Silverado 1500, the driver side window switch will not lower the passenger window. The driver side switch lowers the driver window, and will lock and unlock the doors, it will also raise the passenger window, if I lower the window from the passenger side.

(The passenger window will raise/lower from the passenger side switch).

I took apart the switch down to the contacts and cleaned them, and while it was apart made contact across the copper poles that should lower the window, it did nothing, doing the same across the part that should raise the window, raises it.

Not sure where my issue could be, the switch appears fine. Maybe if someone had a wiring diagram of that harness, I could attempt to jumper it and make contact to verify the connections into the switch are working correctly, then at that point either look at the circuit board on the switch closer, or buy a replacement switch.
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