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Driveshaft Squeaking Help

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So the last couple days my truck started making this terrible squeaking. It keeps getting worse the more i drive. The noise is only at low speeds and is proportional to the speed (so the squeaking speeds up as I go faster).

It seems worse when getting on the gas at low speeds or while braking.

I layed beside the truck as my buddy rolled forward. It sounds like its coming from the middle center of the truck near the driveshaft.

Is it the U joints on the driveshaft? and can I drive 150 miles home like this?
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Should be your U joints, If you have to drive that far just be nice and easy on it.
pain in the ass to swap out or no?
pain in the ass to swap out or no?
No U joints are easy, Your trucks not that old so it should not be that bad, Do a search on the site if you need more info.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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