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anyone know a good spot to pick up a drive shaft for a 05 1500 ext cab 4x4? i measured it roughly to about 6 ft i hopped on rock auto and the one on there said it was only 43-1/2". im afraid to order that one and find out its to short.
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What is wrong with your current driveshaft?
i think when i was messing with the exhaust a few years ago i forgot to mount part off the muffler hangers and part of the mufflers edge was digging into my drive shaft. it off ballance. The other day i went o go mess with my P0446 code and noticed a inch long crack in the drive shaft. But Tuesday i found a drive shaft on ebay for 150$. only thing i didnt like on it were the U-joints. so i bought 2 MOOG joints with the greese zerks in them so ill just replace them and clean up the shaft.
Ah yeah, that could have been catastrophic! Good thing you caught it.
And those joints w/ grease zerks are weaker, should have gotten the pregreased sealed type.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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