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anyone know a good spot to pick up a drive shaft for a 05 1500 ext cab 4x4? i measured it roughly to about 6 ft i hopped on rock auto and the one on there said it was only 43-1/2". im afraid to order that one and find out its to short.
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im in NY. last thing i wanna do is trench through the snow and look for a rusted up shaft ha
shit thats right..sorry long day at work. the ones around here arnt that great but ill look into them
i think when i was messing with the exhaust a few years ago i forgot to mount part of the muffler hangers and part of the mufflers edge was digging into my drive shaft, so now its off ballance now. The other day i went to go mess with my P0446 code and noticed a inch long crack in the drive shaft. But Tuesday i found a drive shaft on ebay for 150$. only thing i didnt like on it were the U-joints. so i bought 2 MOOG joints with the greese zerks in them so ill just replace them and clean up the shaft.
ahhh.. oh well. shes my DD so as of right now i dont do hard launches or anything like that. just the occasional off road driving in a field.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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