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What color DRL's???


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OK I''m thinking about switching out the DRL's. What do you guys think hyper white, or amber? If i go with the hyper white I want something that is really bright white, not ricer blue. Anyone know where i can get some good white bulbs? Also what size bulbs do i need?

If anyone has some pics of either color please post em'.

Thank you!
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i ran 3157 LED's on drl, and blinkers...but i had to run a thingy so i would have fast blinky action like on ricers...there was 19 LED's per bulb. but the ohm load on a LED is much lower than a regular thats why you need an OHM equalizer...i just recently switched back to ambers because i think they look better. heres a link to equalizers and some bulbs

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Hyperwhite if you can find nice, bright, high quality ones... I see GM's with them and can totally tell... very nice! :waytogo: Amber is played out :imo

Too many decisions (ok so only 2), thats why I yanked my DRL's out and just use the HIDs :head:
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