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Yes, another muffler thread. At least it's not an "exhaust" thread, lol. Is there a muffler that will eliminate the drone from my truck? I have significant drone between 1500-1800 RPMs. It comes on slowly about 1500 and drops off quickly about 1800. I have Doug Thorley LT headers, stock y-pipe with gutted cats, a 3"x24" bullet into a Flowmaster Delta 40 3" in and dual 2 1/2" tails going out the back under the bumper. How much does sound dampening matting on the rear cab wall help?
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Ditch the Flow/bullet and get a fairly long Magna muff. Unless you are hooked on Flows....... Flows just drone naturally.
I agree to ditch the flows
bigass magnaflow or hooker aerochamber would be your best bet.
So, the consensus is to ditch the bullet along with replacing the FM with a large Magnaflow or Aerochamber? What about the Spintechs?
40 series flow = drone

try 50 series or some other muffler... ive got thorleys, gutted cats and 50 series flow and im not experiencing any drone... i believe the 5.7's produce a deeper exhaust note then the 5.3, etc so you shouldnt have drone either if you go that route.
Hmmm. I do love the FM sound. Anyone else running a 50 sereies? Is yours a Delta 50?
flow 50 SUV is what i have on mine... ive ran a 22 or 24" mag (cant remember exactly which one but it was definately one of the 2) and it droned like a mofo when it was placed in the stock exhaus on the 04 i had, i hated it.
Do you still get nice volume at the tails when you get on it? Still have the FM tone?
yeah... its definately there, not quiet at all from outside but i think since i have the tailpipe exiting out the back tucked up under the rear bumper, that makes it pretty quiet inside.
i need to figure and see if my digi camera can take vids... i love the sound!
My tails exit just under the rear bumper. I wonder how effective Dynamat would be installed on the rear cabin wall?
Anyone else running a FM 50 SUV or a Hooker Aerochamber? I'd love to hear your results.
If you go the sound deadening route, you'll get more bang for your buck with RAAMmat. I did it in my truck. I have a Magnaflow. It had a bit of drone to it too. Not like Flowmasters, but I was starting to get a tad tired of it. The RAAMmat did make a difference. I'm no longer thinking of switching exhaust. I was considering moving to a Corsa, but after sound deadening all is well, and I'm happy again.
I had 200 sq.ft. of Raammat in my old truck and the drone from my Flowmaster still made me want to puke.
Check out the sound clip on the Delta 50 and 50 SUV. You can't hardly even hear the SUV idle. But then again, he's probably not running LT headers and gutted cats.

50 SUV

Delta 50

Who else here has LTs, gutted cats and NO drone besides Anthony?
I have my entire Tahoe sound deadened and have a flowmaster 50 and it does drone but it's not really that noticeable to me. Now if the windows are down you will hear it but with them up and cruising it's ok. My exhaust is 45'd out the rear.
Hmmm. I do love the FM sound. Anyone else running a 50 sereies? Is yours a Delta 50?
I changed my 40 for a 50 - much better. It is a lot quieter overall and no drone. Still good sound.
Are you guys running the Delta or SUV 50?
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