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Dropping a 2002 Ram

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I know this is the wrong forum, I've tried the Ram forums, but not much help. I'm helping a buddy do a 4/6 drop on his new body style cc 2wd Ram it a few weeks, besides the McG kit, are there ways to go for this, or is the McG kit really the best way to go? I hope someone in here has dropped one of these, and were there any problems that popped up during the drop?

Thanks guys!
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I had a dropped 2003 Ram single cab. I had McGaughys spindles on the front and lowering coils, and on the rear I had a c notch and airbags. Rode pretty good with 20" wheels, not so great with 24s. 24s would hit the fender lips and inner fender wells on hard bumps. The ram has a ton of ground clearance even with alot of static drop. Simple suspension.
Cool, that's what I was wanting to hear. My buddy has factory 20's that he wants to keep. Sounds like he will be fine, thanks for the info.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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