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Drug My Pan, Need Paint Advice

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Well I don't know when the hell it happened, but somewhere I drug my rollpan, it didn't crack it, but it did take some of the filler off of the bottom of it and has scrape marks in it, pisses me off cause I just got the entire bed painted 2 months ago. If I fix this can it be blended using a small amount of paint and clear? It's not noticible, unless you lean down to look at my tanks under the bed and is about 1" x 1/2" in size.
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Aight thanks guys, I got a little paint left over at the body shop.
2k1slvrado: I was thinking about doing that, but befor the truck was redone I too had alot of tape line and I don't think I could handle that again cause I'm one picky mofo and those tape lines got really old really fast. I may just blend everything back there because I have to redo my license plate box cause I drug it too. I was thinking of just cutting the part that hangs down off and welding up the hole that is left over, that way nothing stuck down. I'm not driving my truck around all the time with a 9" drop out back anymore, even though I like the look of it.
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