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Rear drum brakes started squealing on my '12 1500 and I am weighing my options. 1. Stick with stock drums and put in new shoes. 2. Replace drums with a disk conversion kit.

Lots of discussions that lead me in circles. I've never had any major issues with my drums, but I have oversized tires, climb mountain passes a lot, and do some towing so would like the best performing option.

Eyeing the Little Shop conversion kit GM 02-18 Silverado/Sierra 1500 Rear Disc Brakes & the SSBC kit A126-50R Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit, GM Truck - Red

SSBC is twice the price of little but the the little kit uses smaller pads that are meant for a '82 Cadillac Eldorado.

Has anyone completed one of these conversions? Do they really provide greater stopping power and less brake fade?

Also read about issues with the parking brake on the disk kits.

Any input is appreciated!

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