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dumped exhaust on a 03 tahoe?

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a guy i work with has an 03 tahoe and wants to get the exhaust dumped. i didnt know if this could be done due to it being right under the cab. anyone ever seen this?
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I would sy have it done after the rear axle, anything before that is asking for trouble:imo
It's illegal in most states because it has to exit after the cab and since a tahoe is one big cab it is supposed to exit out the back or sides, but regardless of that I have seen many tahoes with it done and never heard of them getting caught and it puts a nice clean look to things
Besides the legality and fumes and all that (probably depends on your state and inspection processes, etc.) you'd have to think that the resonance and sound is going to be increaseda lot with it dumped rather than exiting away. Like someone just said, its like a "cab" so imagine having the exhaust exit under a truck cab, rather than the bed. Interior noise and resonance is going to be an issue.

On my Tahoe I have a Dynomax Bullet welded in place of the stock muffler but exits in stock location out the side. I considered a rear axle dump but chose to keep it more tolerable inside. If I drive with the liftgate glass up, it sounds like its inside the truck and that is a little much for everyday driving.
Look for Anthony's setup that he had on his obs hoe. That's as close to dumping as I would suggest.
he seems pretty determined to get the dumps, so he is going to go over the rear axle and dumped there.
tell him to dump as close to the rear bumper as possible. take it past the rear axle and dump like an inch in front of the bumper...its still totally hidden, but MUCH less to worry about. about the only way i would do it in mine.
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