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DVD MOVIES! (all genres)

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I have the following DVD's for sale. $3 shipping (up to 3 dvd's a package).

Along Came a Spider $4
Altered States $4
Animal House $6
Bloodwork $4
Caddyshack II $4
Dead Bang $4
Get Carter $5
Hackers $5
Jurassic Park III $5
Manhunter $4
Nightmare on Elm Street $4
Surviving the Game $4
The Fast and the Furious $4
The Terminal $4
The Wizard of Oz $6
Van Wilder $5
Volcano $4

email me - [email protected]
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sent ya both emails.
got 'em. shipping out monday.
Email Sent...
Email Sent...
replied! (by the way, nice truck)
replied! (by the way, nice truck)
Thanks! Money Sent!

Great dealing with all of you guys here!!! original thread has been edited to reflect what has been sold or not.

All of your dvd's are packed, addressed and ready to go. Will ship out monday.
I'm surprised no one wants the off road dvds
I'm interested in:

Black Hawk Down $6
Gladiator $5
Van Wilder $5
I'm interested in:

Black Hawk Down $6
Gladiator $5
Van Wilder $5
Sent ya PM
I am new in the Tampa area (just moved), went to 2 post offices yesterday, and they were just distribution centers!!! ARRRGH! what a waste of my time.


This morning, found a REAL post office!!! :)

your DVD's are in the mail now! They should arrive by the end of this week.

The rest of the DVD's are still for sale.
Damn. The only one I see that I want is The Cannonball Run.
Did yall get your DVDS yet?
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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