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Philips DVD 701 is the model number. comes with a pair of RCA's and a multi-function remote. THIS WAS ONLY USED ONCE, MAYBE perfectly fine. they go for about $110 i im only askin $75+ shipping.

Product Description:
The Philips DVD701AT DVD player features discrete dual-laser optical pickups and CD-R/CD-RW compatibility, making it a great basic audio-video system. The multifunction remote allows you to control all the basic features of video playback, such as stop/play/pause, slow mode, skip, or repeat. The digital-to-analog (D/A) converter converts the digital video information in 10-bit format, versus 8- or 9-bit. The DVD701AT also incorporates a 24-bit audio D/A converter, versus 16- or 20-bit. The TruSurround 3-D sound creates virtual surround effects with a two-speaker system. A unique parental approval system permits play of only preauthorized discs, unless a special user-defined PIN code is entered. The player will remember up to 80 disc preauthorizations, allowing unrestricted playback of these discs.

a computer joystick, and a few games, and a Harmon Kardon speaker system(with a sub) are layin around as well(NEVER USED, $50?). decent offer and you can have it all.

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