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This is the setup that JET bought from Tunercat back in 2006. I use TC2 which you pay $80 to tune a certain group of vehicles. I have a 97 L31 350 truck so I bought the VDF(vehicle definition file) for the 96-97 trucks. As such I can tune as many 96-97 trucks as I can find, whereas JET has license their DST to specific VINS.

So far as flashing/tuning it can do whatever EFILive?HPtuners can, plus quite a few more older vehicles, but it does NOT have a logging/scanning function.

You have to know how to tune pretty much, it doesnt baby you along like the others do. I owuld try and find a used Tunercat 2 setup, but they are pretty rare. I bought mine for $325 back in 2005 when I did my marine intake swap.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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