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Alright, bear with me here. I'll admit that I am electrically challenged. I read all the write-ups on the e-fan installs from here and the other website and I had a few questions. I purchased 2 14" perma cool fans (#19114), the threaded thermometer probe wiring kit (#18907), the second fan relay kit (#18902), and the A/C relay (#19002).
:think: Question 1: There is a blue wire from part #18907 that says it goes to the A/C relay wire. Can I just tap this wire into the A/C wire in the fuse box without the use of part number 19002? If not, how does 19002 come into play? I don't understand how to use the A/C relay (19002).
:think: Question 2: There is a brown wire from part #18907 that says it can be used to power the second fan. Because my fans are the 14" fans, I have to connect this brown wire to the second fan relay. Where does this brown wire connect to on part #18902? Does it connect to the red power supply? Or does ithis brown wire connect to the brown wire coming from the second fan relay (18902)? (in the instructions for PN 18902 it says the brown wire connects to the toggle switch, thermo switch, or the A/C relay) If I connect it to the red power supply, where does the brown wire from 18902 go to?
:think: Question 3: Does each fan have to have a separate connection to the battery? Or is there a way that I can power the 2 fans together using only 1 fuse and 1 red power wire to the battery.
:think: Last question: Everything that has a black ground wire from it (relays and fans) has to be grounded to the chassis, right?
Sorry this post is so long. thanks for all the help ahead of time.

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I can't your questions exactly, but I'll tell you what I did.
I got e-fans but I bought the Flex-a-lite VSC, it's a nice piece. It's just a relay.

I wired the 2 fans in parallel (positive wires of each fan together, and the same for the negative wires) then ran a single wire off each. So you have the 2 negative wires run into one wire, same for the positive wires. Those wires connect to the VSC, then you run power and ground to the VSC as well to get power to the fans.
You need to tap into an ignition wire (pink I think it was) and the A/C compressor wire so that when you turn the A/C on, the fans turn on.
Color doesn't matter really as long as you know what they're for...e.g. you can use a purple wire for ground, just remember that, people just use black for ground (negative) and red for power (positive) as a rule of thumb, it doesn't matter.
Ground everything to the battery if you can, I've heard stories of guys' fans not turning on, they check the wires, ground them somewhere else, and they turn on...make sure you get a GOOD ground. I used a dremel and sanded the paint off the inside of the fender, under the hood, so that I got a GOOD metal contact.
I just spliced into the A/C compressor and ignition wires.
How the fans work all depends on how you wire them.
I hope this helps a little if not a lot :D
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