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What is up peeps,

Been a while since i've been back on GMFS.

I have had an intermittent problem for a while and am at an ends with it.

2008 silverado 1500 series 2x4 LT model. Crew cab 4.8L 4l60E ( in case everyone needs to know)

When you would drive the truck, occasionally the cruise control would quit workings. Then other things started happening in conjunction. Windows are sporadic at working from the driver side controls. Radio will sometimes utilize all speakers and sometimes only 1 speaker works.

Locks are haywire too for some reason. It unlearns somehow, when they did work, you could literally lock the truck from the key fob, and walk away and hear the truck unlock itself. and then re lock and then unlock itself like it was in some kind of learn mode.

I have not done anything electrically with the truck, all of the problems presented it self with 100 percent factory equipment in it. I did take it to a dealer a while ago after I bought it to have them look at it. They did fix it for a short time. Then it all failed again for some reason.

Dealers reason was to tell me that there was a bad connection with the Body control module and plug. They cleaned it and added dielectric grease to the connection of the BCM.

I went to the extent this time to even purchase a new BCM, and it still did not fix my issue.

I am at a loss with the problem. It appears to all lead to one issue, however maybe I have multiple issues occurring at the same time. I am not sure.

Any and all help would be more than greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys

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