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Ive been debating this for a couple hours and after lookin at the back of my truck for about 30minutes and want to get rid of the damn "patriot" emblem on my lid. (see "got new inside" post)

I know i can take a small fishing line and "slice" it off, but what do i use to take the adhesive off. Ive heard of someguys using the adhesive remover (obviously) but i wasn't sure if it would hurt the paint or fiberglass at all.


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Adhesive remover won't hurt the paint...some people use wd-40 (i did, worked for me) and some use the adhesive remover...just whipe it up afterwards and don't let it drip everywhere...i also used lemon oil (crazy but it worked)...biggest thing is elbow grease...get out there and just rub that shit off...can be a PITA to get off sometimes, but rub, rub, rub...leather gloves can be very helpful to prevent blisters, or atleast cover ur thumb with a rag a couple times...wax it good to when u finish and everything should turn out nice...
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