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Socko said:
On the freeway today, my truck started to deccelerate, I gave it a bit more gas which caused the truck to "chug" and jump a little while still slowing down. So I pulled over, got out to make sure I didnt have a flat or anything (tires are 3 weeks old so I doubted that) and checked under the hood for anything loose or damaged. Couldnt find anything. I went to go start up the truck and it wouldnt go. I turned the key to the accessory to see if it was the battery, battery was fully charged and my radio turned on and everything. So that made me think it was something with the fuel. I called up AAA and had it towed to my parent's house. And my dad listened to it try to start and thinks its something with the fuel as well. We first cleaned and then replaced the O2 sensor because I had recently had my ypipe raised and we thought maybe it got damaged and quit, but that did nothing. In the morning we are going to try and replace the fuel filter to see if that helps (doubtful as it was replaced less than 2 years ago when I got the truck). But it looks like it could be a wiring problem or the fuel pump (ive had an alternator, water pump go on me so I figure the next system is fuel!) I turned it to accessory to see if it was the fuel pump. It whines/buzzes so its working.

Btw, wires/distributor cap/rotor are less than a month old. The plugs, alternator and battery are all a year old so I doubt its electrical. Something with the fuel is still my best guess. Just replaced the fuel filter, while it needed it (the one that was a year old was pretty clogged compared to the new one) it didnt help at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas/help? It wont start at all.

And yes I have gas in it!! Half a tank

Not sure if this will help or not. My neighbor's truck did the same thing. It's a 99. He took it in to the dealer, and they were unsure of the problem. They replaced the pump,sending unit, & injetors. Runs again .. they tried to pull the bad gass idea, but he doesn't buy it. He filled up, drove a few days, came home, and it would never start again. He had juice and all of that.
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