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ok so i am into day three on the engine swap in my 2000 silverado 4wd. The engine/tranny i picked up were from matthimself and they are out of a 04 sierra 4wd... So far ive noticed a few things that are different.

Throttle by Wire, my engine has cables so we are planning on keeping my intake manifold and using my engine harness so the throttle will work. has anyone ran into this issue? what did you do?

Transmissions appear to be the same but can anyone chime in if there is any minor or important things before i swap them?

As for the manifolds, mine have 2 AIR ports on the passenger side, and 1 on the driver. His have 0 ports on the manifolds, and ironically the edlebrok headers i bought only have on passenger side... what do should i do? i plan on using the headers should i try to get the swapped for the ones with the appropriate ports or can i just use the single port and tune out whatever codes my AIR system gives me?

other then that i am hoping my 2000 wiring harness will fit on the 04 it looks like it should, but i have no hindsight.

any help is greatly appreciated, the engines on the cherry picker right now one stripped manifold bolt away from the pull...

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