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Engine swap

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I may have the option of swapping my '04 4.8 liter out of my truck and putting in an engine from my brother's '01 1500 HD( I think it's a 5.3 or a 5.7 engine) it's got the towing package. Can I swap just the engines or will I have to swap out the tranny, rear axle, and ECU? ANy help will be greatly appreciated
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If its a NBS truck its got the 5.3. I think all you'd have to swap out would be the engine wiring harness and ECM, but I'm not entirely sure.

On the other hand, I really don't think that its worth swapping, the diferences in power between the 2 are minimal. But, if you can do it for cheap, go for it!
his truck is a '01 and mine is an ' will be real cheap..the engine is free.
you can swap long blocks with him. you just need the block and heads assembled. you can switch all you accecories over from your current motor. wiring is the same and you can just get your stock pcm reprogrammed(nelson performance). its really not worth switching though from a 4.8 to a 5.3 IMO, its only a few ponies and not worth the cash for a retune. i would just tune your 4.8 and make it just as fast at your bro's 5.3, with less miles. IMO, i wouldnt do it.
i wouldn't swap for an 01 5.3...just wondering, did they offer the 6.0 in the half ton HDs??
I thought the 1500 HD was a 6.0.... if you can get your hands on a 6.0... I'd go for it :head:
00Silverado said:
I thought the 1500 HD was a 6.0.... if you can get your hands on a 6.0... I'd go for it :head:

thats exactly what i was gonna say....HD = 6.0L...go for it!!! :read:
I think the 6.0 came in the 2500
Dont the 2004 4.8's have around the same HP as the 2001 5.3's??

Or am i mistaken?
Dude, swap is not worth it. if you wanna go fast, swap in an LT1,LS1, or a 6.0, if you really wanna go fast, build a motor :head:
definently go with a 6.0 if you can. Lunatti make a new crank for it that'll bump the displacement up from 365ci to 408ci.
if it's an HD, the only engines you can get are the 6.0, the 8.1, or the duramax deisel. so i'd go for the swap. trust me ;) the 6.0 is a mean motor if you know what to do to it.
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