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Been working on this for a couple weeks. I know there are several people out there who sell plug and play harnesses for the Escalade cluster to work in the NNBS. One of the big guys is here in Houston, he charges $200 and makes your surrender your stock cluster for parts he needs to make the conversion.


Not me. I have all the parts right now to make 20 plus and play harnesses. No need to send in your cluster and have it be worthless. I have made, tested, and will be selling the harness.

Install is very easy. There are two tabs on the side of the Escalade cluster that need to be cut:

Once that's complete, it will fit into the dash of the NNBS SUV's and LTZ / SLT pickups.

It is completely fully functioning. You can easily buy one off eBay, have it programmed to your mileage and plug it in. The best part is, it doesn't matter if it's in MPH or KPH. The Escalade cluster lets you select English or metric, which adjusts the speedo. The one I have is normally KPH but when you set it to English, you now have a. 220MPH speedo. Badass.

The main difficulty in making it look 100% factory is the shroud. I have made one from the stock Bezel and an Escalade bezel. All in all, this being the first one I've made, and having expertise in the area I have about 5 hours in it start to finish. Cost for the Escalade shroud was around $40.

The cost I'm selling the harness for is $120. Completely plug and play, and reversible to stock. As far as the bezel goes, I'll make them on a case by case basis. They do take a while and with my day job / family time, I don't have a whole lot to spend on them, but we will see.

Th finished product is, quite frankly, fucking awesome. It's the one mod everyone has been dying to make easy since these trucks came out and it hasn't happened yet. I'm trying to change that!

PM me for purchase details, and enjoy!
Do you still have the plug and play kit available?
21 - 26 of 26 Posts