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Esky handles, Mirrors, Mirror Caps, nbs stuff

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Wanted - NBS Exterior, AMP

Updated: :pirate:

-1 Channel amp. Preferably something like a JL 500/1, or MRD-M500 (or the 1000 versions).

-White/Chrome escalade handles (2) and same for the tailgate

-White mirror caps

-Signal heated mirrors

-Anyone has a GM or Chevy rubber mat for the bed I'd be interested
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I have a pair of brand new black escalade handles that will need to be repainted. Let me know if you are interested.
i have 2 white esky handles tailgate also. white and chrome power mirors.. rubber bed mat and a snug top bed cover also white. where you at so i can give you a price
i think he is in either KATY, TX or minnesota.
Ahh I'm in Michigan right meow! Will be down to LA soon though to visit y parents.
:pepper: I love Michigan :pepper:

Few weeks I'll be in LA, then Back to TX :pepper:
come to georgia, bro.
If you have parts i might :pepper:
i might find you this stuff...
No one has this stuff nO more? :crazy:
ive got some white mirror caps..good condition
What year is your truck? how much do you want to spend?
04, not alot :) Send me a pm.
Ive got a set of power fold signal heated mirrors if interested
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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