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Ever heard of this before?

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I know its been forever since my last post, but here goes.

I drove up to the ol' Advance Auto Parts the other day to pick up some Lucas Fuel Injector cleaner. Usually drop it in every 5,000 or so, seems to keep things running smoothly. But while I was there a thought occured to me.
"I've never changed my brakes on this truck, NEVER!"
Now what makes this thought so deserving of that exclamation point you might ask?
My truck has 103,152 miles on it...that's why.
On top of never changing them, I've never even had them looked at. soooo I asked one of the guys in advance to check em out for me. Cuz honestly, I just didn't know what to look for other than a squealing sound.
So he proceeds to round my truck, checking all the rotors and inspecting the pads as best he can with the wheels in the way. He looks at me and says..."How old did you say this truck was?" I said its a 2000.
He replies: "Hmm. And how many miles on it?" Again I tell him 103 xxx. After looking at me somewhat puzzled he tells me "I've never seen brake pads last this long before."

So here's my question. Has anyone ever gotten this kind of brake life out of their trucks before, besides me?

I've never heard a single squeal, never had trouble stopping, and the rotors don't have a single groove on them. They feel brand new. As for the brake pads, they still got quite a bit of life left in them.
They are the original brakes that came on my truck when I bought in the summer of 2000 with 41 miles on the truck.
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i am up to 94k on my truck and still have original brakes on it....i have them checked by our family tech here in PHX every oil change and he says they are fine each time....

i think i may replace them here this summer though when i tear my front end down to bag it...
mine(assuming they were stock when I got the truck) lasted 110k before I decided to just randomly change the brakes... I know the previous owner didn't change them and the owner before him kept track of every maintenance thing in the owners manual and ther was nothing about brakes in there.. the nbs stock brakes just seem to last forever
Haha thats nuts. But on a side note...

Snowballs in hell before I'd let someone from "Advance Auto" give me advice as to what service my truck needs :rofl2:

They're a parts shop, and leave it at that. Your brakes are still good because.. :bowtie:
I had to replace mine at 8x,xxx miles. But I think loosing my tranny, and my breaks were from pulling too many trailers that didn't have breaks on them.
I dunno if I'm gonna change mine yet or not. I mean, don't fix it if it ain't broke right?

I just can't believe that these have lasted so long. That's what I call quality.
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