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EVO Sensor... Help!

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I unbolted the steering shaft coupling but can't get the dang thing to slide down and seperate so that I can get the EVO Sensor off! What the heck am I missing? Anything tricks to this? Here is a where I got the instructions... FSC I would have replied to that thread but the DA's moderating over there won't activate my Username for some reason despite my repeated email rants. Hopefully I can get some help over here. Thanks
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My Evo is bad right now, Its been bad for about 3 months, its annoying as hell when the steering jerks one way or the other, its not a real costly part to get fixed, but it it is a pain in the ass! I am just having the Chevy Dealer fix it. My truck goes in on Thursday
No shit, I bet the ball joints are a bitch! I am pretty poor myself, but I couldn't find any instructions about how to replace it....until I found your thread here, but I made the appointment last week lol..........
:LOL: :LOL: Thats a fact, but it is a pretty easy and inexpensive fix, so I am not to worried about it.....
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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