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EVO Sensor... Help!

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I unbolted the steering shaft coupling but can't get the dang thing to slide down and seperate so that I can get the EVO Sensor off! What the heck am I missing? Anything tricks to this? Here is a where I got the instructions... FSC I would have replied to that thread but the DA's moderating over there won't activate my Username for some reason despite my repeated email rants. Hopefully I can get some help over here. Thanks
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EVO stands for "Electronic Variable Orfice"... On 97 and later GM Fullsizes the steering system is speed sensitive and electronically controlled, thus its gotta have a crap load of sensors, wires, and "new fangled things" that come along with it. Basicallt useless dog poop that is a pain when it breaks! :D
This is true, I wish I didn't have all that electronic crap... but my Tahoe looks just like yours (2dr, 4x4, etc). What size tires are those in your sig? Any lift or torsion cranking? I am thinking of twisting the bars an inch or so and slapping some 285's on mine.
Finally got the shaft to move after alot of Rust Eater and finished the install of the EVO Sensor... boy what a difference! Not only does the steering wheel not suddenly jerk out of my hand like it did in left turns, but the steering seems more responsive at all speeds. That thing was wore slap out! While I was working on it I twisted the torsion bars an inch and a half and put a one inch block in the back. It sits level now and looks alot better. I also took that goofy air dam off which makes it look even taller. All I need now is some 285's and she'll be set (for now). Then its a 4-6" lift and a TJM, but thats WAY in the future. Man it sucks being a poor college student!
Definately... already plan on calling my usual place tomorrow, hopfully they can squeeze me in sometime tomorrow afternoon
Well I am a poor Southern Boy so I just did it myself. Besides I am always wanting to work on/ learn about the vehicle I am driving. I got the whole front suspension out right now replacing bushings and ball joints. Talk about a bitch of a job!
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