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Excessive shaving?

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Must be one of those wireless drivetrains!
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thats a lil much...
wow... check out the CLEAR corners... :read:
What is it anyways, an S-10? The Bumper sort of looks like one. Is the rear axle even connected to the frame or is it just sitting over top of it??
i think they are laying frame simply because it is not attached to anything. IMO thats gay as hell to bring to a show.
I'm all for bringing a nice fram setup to show, but at least have it finished, and a driveshaft and transmission and brakes plumbed, etc
thats a guys on I dont see anything wrong with making a chassis as clean as possible...hell im doing it to mine. Take a look at any street rod chassis and you will see the bare minimum of holes and crap on it.
The only problem I have with that one is the reverse links!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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