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Replacing my muffler on my '92 5.7L 350.

Thinking about going with a Flowmaster Super 40.

The stock is 3" IN/2.25" OUT I think.

Should I keep the dual out or just go with a 3" out, because i'm just going to dump it after the muffler. I want to increase performance while keeping (boosting) my decent gas mileage (15-16mpg).

I want a deep mellow tone at idle, but you know it's there when accelerating, and minimal interior noise at cruising.

Is this a good choice? Help me with the OUT (3" or dual 2.whatevers") situation.

Suggest any other mufflers that suit this.

Thanks :bowtie:
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I have dual 2.5 outs on mine. I had it dumped and it was nice, but a buddy of mine had the 3 inch inlet 3 inch outlet dumped and his seemed a bit louder. They both sound great whatever way you go.

:bowtie: :worship:
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