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Exhaust Leak Help!!

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My truck has gradually been getting a worse and worse exhaust leak. I finally took a look at it and it seems to be coming from the passeger side valve cover. Exhaust is coming out at the front, outside part of the valve cover by the exhause manifold. I doubled checked the tightness of the manifold and its in good shape. The leak is definitely coming from under the valve cover. Is this as simple as a new valve cover gasket? Or is there something I should be more worried about. Truck is a 95 Tahoe, TBI.
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I am thinking it may be the manifold gasket????
If you got that much exhaust coming out from under the valve cover......... You must have some serious blowby. Usually that pushes the dipstick out of the tube. But maybe its just found a weak spot at the cover gasket. Pull off your oil filler cap with the truck running and see what comes out of it.
Get a piece of hose and stick one end in your ear, the other around any potential leak spots.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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