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Exhaust question

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Just that title is asking for a tar and feathering :roflbow:.
Anyways, Im thinking about a new setup for my truck. If I run L/Ts I would most likely need to get a custom Y pipe made up due to the diff drop and all the crap. I was thinking about running a set of LPP L/Ts, into dual 2 1/4 or 2/12" piping back to an X pipe. Then into single I/O Cherry Bomb Extremes and dumped right behind the bumper. Does anyone see any issue with this setup? I understand that running true duals can hirt performance, hence my using smaller diameter piping and running an X pipe. My exhaust shop quoted me at about 100 bucks for that set up (I bring the mufflers and install the headers).
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i don't see a problem with it. why do you want true duals? you really don't need them, unless you want a different sound as opposed to a single 3".
I just see the Y pipe being an issue.
How r the headers coming?
So I take it my best option would be to get a custom ORY made and just run my current setup of 3" back to my Single in / Dual Out Cherry bomb, dumped at the back?
not gonna be a best/worst situation. Just do what you think sounds good. Not really gonna make much difference either way, other than sound. using what you already have is going to be the cheapest, most likely. If you're like me, cheap=best. lol
Yeah that is always good. I just dont wanna risk running true dual into an X pipe into chambered mufflers and it sounded like pure garbage like you said. Fuck that, Id be so pissed. The only reason I thought about running an X Pipe is because I figured that would help with the Backpressure a little. I know these engines dont need True Duals so I was trying to figure out a way I could run it without losing much power. Im just going to run with custom ORY, I dont wanna risk losing power or sounding like shit. Thanks dude.
Plus I dont want it "loud as fuck".
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