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Exhaust question

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Just that title is asking for a tar and feathering :roflbow:.
Anyways, Im thinking about a new setup for my truck. If I run L/Ts I would most likely need to get a custom Y pipe made up due to the diff drop and all the crap. I was thinking about running a set of LPP L/Ts, into dual 2 1/4 or 2/12" piping back to an X pipe. Then into single I/O Cherry Bomb Extremes and dumped right behind the bumper. Does anyone see any issue with this setup? I understand that running true duals can hirt performance, hence my using smaller diameter piping and running an X pipe. My exhaust shop quoted me at about 100 bucks for that set up (I bring the mufflers and install the headers).
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i don't see a problem with it. why do you want true duals? you really don't need them, unless you want a different sound as opposed to a single 3".
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