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expensive maintanance

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Just got back from PepBoys. Was told that my hubs are bad and need to be replaced. Also the rear end seal at the wheels are broken and it leaks rear end fluid into the emergency brakes. Those seals need to be replaced too. Some parts need to be ordered will take till monday. I'm looking at a total at around $1400 to get it all fixed. The hubs alone are around $300 from what I was told. I'm pissed :flame: :argh:
To top that off, I will need a rental car to get to work on monday :pissed:

how did they wear out so fast? Is it from heavy use like my 3 inch lift putting stress on it and the occasional off-roading?
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My axle seals leak also. One rear rotor is warped too. I don't use e-brakes due to my kickpanels lol My truck has 77K.

I've had my Z off road twice in the subdivision I sold homes in and maybe a dozen others when my Pops' needed it selling acerage. So if that tells you anything or not... I dunno.

I'm going to regear it late this year (that will solve axle seal problems), this place called Wholesale Direct sells drilled rotors for ~$300 for a set of 4.

It's a vehicle that gets driven, sadly shit breaks. :pow:
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