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haz 12"s!
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I have this guy I used. Great guy and will answer any and all your questions. He built me a level 5 4L65E for a damn good price. He used to build trannys for FLT. Heres what he stuffed in mine:

machined performance pump.
Prep case for assembly.
sleeved input drum
(billet 6061 aluminum) overrun piston
beast shell kit w/bearing kit
8 hi-energy 3-4 clutches
double caged 29 element sprag
4L65 low roller clutch
Transgo HD-2 shift kit
Corvette servo
Alto wide 2-4 red lined band with reinforced anchor
New solenoids
New Internal wire harness
New GM Spacer plate
B/W clutches
Seal & gasket kit
Updated aluminum accumulator pistons
prepped valvebody with HD 2-3 shift valve modification
Set end play to performance specs
Case cooler fittings
viton servo d-rings
sonnax boost valve
High rpm pump slide spring
New reverse input drum
Bushing kit....with special bushings listed below.
wide rear sun gear bushing
wide front stator bushing
Teflon rear stator bushing
Babbit pump bushing
new case bushing
Teflon extension housing bushing for 2wd models
All other bushings are inspected and replaced if not in tolerances.

Delco 5 pinion planets with bearing style reaction shaft
Sonnax 4th servo
wide Alto carbon lined 2-4 band

Hit him at [email protected] His name is Vince B. Tell him Country Boy sent ya overe so he knows how you got his email addy.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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