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Yes, we all know the roof on the ext. cabs flex like paper... Well, I didnt find out till my 2 Type Rs at 35 hertz played and pretty much made a tone out of the roof... My bass is really not playable because the roof is just waaaay to annoying now...

So, with that said, is bracing the only way to fix the flex? I've heard deadener will not help the flexing but stop some rattles... I need help here...

Yea, its fun showing off the cell phone bouncing 4 inches off the roof but cant drive more than 10 MPH with the knob at 1/2 volume anymore...

What is the answer to flexing ext. cab roofs?

layin big rubber
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this is my asnwer to the flexing of the roof

4 layers of mat and floam in every hole up their that can be filled
and 3/4 thick wood glue to the roof with liquid nails and i used the 2x4's to brace the wood up their for 24 hours and then bed line it and called it good

the roof is like a rock now, with all that stuff i put up their, the places with the wood and what not its over a 1in thick, and
im thinking about getting d-mat extreme blulk packs and putting that over the wood also if need be
but i don't think i'll need that
but im building my new system for 2 18's and 5000watts

4 layers of mat was ok just for 1 18 tuned at 30hz and 1800watts, had alittle bit of flex
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