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F body + Turbo > New Mustang GT500

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For all the GT500 fanboys...

Ford sticks a blower on these things from the factory, but obviously its not adding up:

LS1 F-Body + Turbo = Maximum mustang ownage at a fraction of the price. :read: Enjoy.


The camera guys comments made me laugh. :LOL:
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hell yea, lol at the camera man

"ballssss to the wallll baby!"
I also love how the Mustang hangs back after they run... like hes trying to hide.
fucking awesome
Did you hear that turbo when the camaro was right beside the camera mans' car. :drool:

Good God Almighty!
"Ga ga ga ga daayyyuummm" ROFL

Camera car isnt a slouch either.
Nice Camaro. If you go to youtube the title is 422 sts vs gt500, so Im wondering if the camaro is a lil more than a stock ls1.

Camera guy. :rofl2: :rofl2:

"dat mufu, dude, shit"
GM will always OWN Ford. And when the NEW Camaros and Firebirds come back....they will OWN the roads again.
hooolllyyy shit! lol, god good al my mahahan!!!

LOL goood times hahaha
....we need that camera guy for when dan goes to the track! :jester:
that camera man is hilarious...BTW that fbody ate his ass
Nice video. You can build up a Saturn to out run a Corvette so I'm not really that impressed.
Ill be the first to defend the mustang :lol:

That turbod LS1 is probably pushing lower to upper 500rwhp

That GT500 Im sure was damn near stock if not completly, a pulley swap and a few other mods and that GT500 would be hanging no problem.

Had to watch it twice. Laughed to hard to pay attention the first time.
How could they even tell that stang was supercharged? It just looked like an every day mustang GT to me with blue stripes on it, there are hundreds of those same cars around here.
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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