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f/s: 1996 GMC ECSB 5.7 Vortec 350

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ok i'm selling my truck asknig price is $5,500

1996 Fullszie GMC Extended Cab Shortbed
Color: Indigo Blue
Engine - 5.7L 350 V8
mileage : around 221,000 and still running strong

all maintence was and is done on time, all oil changes done at 3,000 miles

transmission rebuilt about 2 years ago, still has one year of waranty left
shift kit andf corvette servo has about 25,000 miles on it.

7/9 drop counting the drop in the tires
front: 2" single cab v6 springs DJM
2" DJM spindles

rear: 6" flip kit
drop shocks
shock extenders
carrier bearing spacer

tires : 3 only 1 month old yokohama 235/60/15s
and one bf goodrich about 4 months old 235/60/15

shaved tailgate
smooth rollpan with license box on left side

20% tint on driver and passenger front windows
5% on rear cab and back windows

billet grill
smooth and painted front bumper done about 2 months ago
clear corners
calvu mirrors

helix throttle body spacer
hypertech 160 degree powerstat
currently programmed by hypertech tuner for smaller tires (can sell with vehicle)

all stock

custom painted roof mounted console (civic si-blue)

bucket seats with center colsole, interior is cloth gray and in great condition.

body has no major dings or dents or any small ones for that matter.

asking $5500 o.b.o.

great project truck, i just want something i can drive everyday and not have to worry about what parking lots and streets i can do down without dragging on something.

i still have some of the stock suspension, i know i have the coils and spindles, and i do have a frame mounted tow hitch sitting in the garage that i took off of it. here's some pics from when i bought it and how it is now.

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sold it 2 week ago. how u been, been a while since i talked to you.
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