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Fabtech OBS 4wd kit black

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Hey there,
I've got an Fabtech OBS 4wd 6" lift kit for sale. It's 9 months old and in great condition. It's never been offroad or even in the snow. My truck was, and still is a pavement queen. Anyway, it comes with 90% of the hardware still attached at the proper locations, so there is no guess work there. The shocks were only used for 4 months and they come with the kit. The only thing I'm keeping is the Add a leafs. With a little soap and water, it's good as new. I'm looking to get $850 for the kit. If anyone wants an extra front differential with the differential mount cut off (The fabtech kit requires this) I'll throw that in for an additional $50. Any questions, please email me. [email protected]

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Whos the girl in the first pic. Nice face!!! Lets see the rest! GOD i hope shes not like 12. Ill feel horrible.
That's my fiance. Don't worry, she's my age. You should see some of the pics I got of her working on my truck in her jeans and wife beater :drool:
I should huh.... Well lets see em! :rocking:
Anyone else interested? If not, it's going on ebay.
i bet u already put the lift on ebay huh. GUess thats waht i get for not logging on for awhile. IF u do still got it give me a hollar over my Private messager.
Still got it. Won't go up on ebay until this weekend at the earliest.
Nobody? I guess I'll try my luck with 4wparts swap meet sale this weekend.
Well, no one showed up at the swapmeet sale the hour that I was there. So it's still for sale if anyone is interested.
Hey Lokoh, first off how low do you think you could go on the price. Money is tight so it would have to be a really good price to make it happen.

Thanks, Matt
Make me an offer. But just so you know. I estimated shipping through UPS for someone who wanted to buy the kit. To ship to Texas costs $200. So I think this might be out of your price range. If anyone knows of a cheaper way to ship it, I'm open to suggestions.
Hey thanks for the quick response. Your probably right it being out of the price range. I would expect shipping to be even more than that to me seeing as that i'm in kentucky. For chance though, would 800-850 shipped do anything for you?
Thanks again, Matt
Bumpity bump
still for sale
It would make a great christmas present
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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