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My truck started this a couple of weeks ago and it does not do it all the time. I have dealt with engine noise in cars stereo system before but it was mostly in aftermarket systems that were not installed correctly or were defective in some way.
Here the deal. I got in my truck a couple of weeks ago and the stereo was off. I had engine noise coming through the speakers. I turned the radio on and back off and no help. I jumped out and pulled the radio fuse under the hood and it was gone. I started down the driveway and the noise came back and then went away in a few seconds. Mind you the radio is off at this point. Then the engine noise came back in a couple of seconds. Then it did as before and went away. It had not did it again until about a week later and the radio was on this time. I had to pull the fuse and it did not come back. OK, today I am on the way to take my son to preschool and it did it again with the radio off. It want away and when the seatbelt warning came on the information console the engine noise started. When the seatbelt warning went off the engine noise would go away. Then in a few seconds the second seat belt warning came on the information console and the engine noise came back. I tried this several times and it did it every time until I got home and it was working fine. While it had engine noise it was there when the radio was on but it would go away when I turned the power off on the radio. It would come back when the information center would give the seatbelt warning or I turned the radio on. I did not have to pull the fuse today, the engine noise just went away. I wanted it to continue until I could get home and work on it but it was gone when I got back.
I worked in the 12 volt industry for over 15 years and I have never seen a radio (factory or aftermarket) do this, in this manner. These things are hard to find if they are not doing it when you are trying fixes.
I was looking to upgrade to the Lux Bose Amp and factory nav but I did not want to do it because I had problems. I just spent all my lunch money on recent mods and I need to fix what I have for now and upgrade later.
Has anyone ever ran into this with there or anyone else's truck? Any suggestions or answers would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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