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Please help, will post on suspension too..

i have an 03 Z71 ext Cab. 54k miles. rear has a 3" block. came with a 2" block from factory, i put a 3" to lift it 1". Front, i cranked the torsion bar.

Recently,i noticed the back sorta is lower on the right side. U can see the axle is slightly in an angle.

i rarely drive this truck, only put 2500 miles since dec 08. etc etc.
it sits in the backyard where the pavement is uneven, but just very slightly.

would this cause the leaf springs to permanently be bent??
has this ever happened before to yall?
should i swap the left to the right, that doable?

also, when i use the truck, i haul 2 shifter karts, one on top of the other via a rack. without the driver, the right side is heavy because of the motors. this another factor??
please help, i have far race im going to and i need to fix it soon.
Thank you in advance, jason
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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