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fan Q

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I was going through a local junk yard yesterday and found a set of e-fans off of a 94 32v northstar caddie. Since I have no luck finding a wrecked ls1 out here anyone think these would work? I mean would the wiring be a PIA? 60 bucks. dual fans.:hmm:
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Yup, they will work...
sweet, same wiring as ls1? my pins are on in the pcm.
sweet, same wiring as ls1? my pins are on in the pcm.

Plugs could be different. Just have to make your own.
cool. thanks. gonna have to go get them soon, not a big deal, there were 5-6 caddies w/northstars there.
I might want to grab up an extra set too then... especially if he has so many out there... did you go to Johnson's???

All you'd have to do is find the hot wire, and ground and go from there... the a/c signal wire is probably easy to find too... if you want, I'll give you a hand putting all of it together.
was out at oceana salvage. he had several. I am gonna be putting new plugs in today, fans gonna have to be June-ish. But I mean, at least I know that they will work. They had a couple 3.8 camaros...but i'll be damned if there wasnt one LS1 in that whole place. Back on night shift too... Yay.
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