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I really hate to sell but It would be nice having the cash with my truck giving me troubles anyways its a 1951 Buick Special model 46S This is the Sports Coupe model of the normal special. in 1951 there was only 2,700 made !


sorry for the dirt on carpet in photo, but i do drive it :D





the regular 2door sedan coupe's in this shape are valued at $6,200 (special deluxe) ive had this car appraised at $11,000 being 1 of 2700 original sport coupes (ive tried to find out how many are left but couldnt)

this car is complete but the chrome needs to be redone, paint chips around edge of hood and the chrome side moulding on pass side (above tire) has a dent in it. The body has been professionally redone a few years back when my grandfather owned it, no rust !. the engine and transmission have been gone through and parts replaced (have the receipts) under 70k original miles. starts up and runs like its brand new !

it still has the 6volt electrical system so I did add a 6volt to 12 volt converter under the dash and put a $150 sony cd player in the glovebox (hidden) I also replaced the original 20watt MAX 6.5's in the front with new sony's. 56 year old speakers wernt in great shape, and being a driver car, it needed some tunes !

1951 BUICK Series 40 SPECIAL Dsp/HP Eng Fair Good Exc Show Loan
2D BUSINESS COUPE 1950-51 248/110 8C 3,000 5,500 8,000 11,000 5,000
2D RIVIERA HARDTOP 1951-53 263/120 8C 7,000 11,000 17,000 21,000 S 10,000
4D SEDAN 1949-53 248/110 8C 2,500 5,000 7,700 10,000 4,520
2D CONVERTIBLE 1951-53 263/120 8C 11,000 18,000 26,000 35,000 S 16,000
2D SEDAN 1950-53 248/110 8C 3,200 6,000 9,500 13,000 5,500

Im looking for $7500 if your local and want to check it out, take a spin just let me know (my zip 06332)

This car gets looks everywhere i go! i cant go to the gas station without people stopping to check it out/ bullshit about the "old days" :D

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i think id sell my truck before i sold that.

i sold a 74 pontiac ventura and got this truck and wish i would of kept the old car :(

bump for a nice car.

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wow i want that, and i would juice the fuck out of that thing on some fat white walls
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