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FEELER: My wheels

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id like to see if anyone wants my wheels cause idlike to get my ass bagged. soo her it goes.

18 inch MB motoring wheels (not sure on what model) the two fronts have new riken 255/45r18 tires. (theyre the same as michelens just a different name) they have like 1000 miles on them. the rears have 255/55r18 nitto gforces and have a lot of tread left. some of the wheels have curb rash on them but theyre not bad at all. before i sell thm id clean them all up and make them look good. not sure on the price but id trade for some stockers and some cash. pics in my sig also
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i never really looked them up..thanks man
I have never seen a wheel like that before....
email me at [email protected] w/ price shipped to 61554 and some more pics please.
5 lug:banghead:
they can be 6 lug with a drill and some elbow grease!!:read:

tuckin yuve never seen them? i see them all the time
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